Year after year the market is flooded with diet books. All touting how you can finally lose that unwanted weight. The sad truth is seldom do these diets work. Well, what does? Changing your eating habits and your lifestyle does. All the important information in any diet book can be condensed into one page. Simply stated, burn more calories than you consume. This means eat less and get more exercise. If you wish to eat more, exercise more. If you do not like to exercise, consume fewer calories.

Calories are the key on the consumption side of the equation. Following are some basic rules that can help you reduce unwanted calories as well as improve the value of the food you eat. These rules will help with weight loss as well as improve your overall health.

  • Minimize Processed Foods
  • Minimize Eating in Restaurants
  • Minimize Red Meat
  • Maximize Fresh Fish & Fowl
  • Maximize Fruits & Vegetables
  • White Pasta, Rice and Bread are BAD
  • Whole Grain Pasta, Rice and Breads are BETTER
  • Soda Pop is AWFUL, Diet soda is WORSE
  • Juice is BETTER
  • Water is GREAT
  • Fat is Necessary, Excessive Fat can be Harmful
  • Grilled or baked is better than fried
  • Butter is BETTER than margarine
  • Olive oil is BETTER than all other oil

These are very simple, yet effective rules. Now, don’t forget to exercise. If you do nothing else, a daily walk is very beneficial.

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