The kids are out of school and the mercury is rising. It is a perfect time to get the family and head out on a vacation. While most folks who live north of the Mason Dixon line head south for a winter break many Floridians take this time of the year to head north to a cooler climate.

Making the journey to your destination and back comfortable is part of a successful vacation.

Whether you go by plane, train, or car keep these helpful tips in mind.

Do not overload the suit cases! Heavy suit cases are a tremendous strain on your back. When carrying your suit cases it is better to have one in each hand. Though the overall weight you are carrying will be more, the stress on your spine will be better balanced.

Kids and their back packs: Once again, do not overload the back pack. Be sure both straps are used when carrying the pack.

Driving to your destination? Take more frequent breaks along the way. Stop every 2 hours to get out and move around even if it is just for five minutes. Share the driving. Not only is this safer but it will make everyone more pleasant upon arrival. While driving, move the seat to various positions. Changing the angle of the seat and back support just a few degrees alters the stresses in the spine. Staying in one set position the entire drive allows for considerable compression to build up in the spinal discs.

Wear proper shoes! Often we do considerably more walking than normal on vacation. Sightseeing is more enjoyable when your feet and back do not hurt. Remember to wear the proper shoes while walking in airports. Airport surfaces are about the worst surfaces to walk on. You need a good supportive shoe with a lot of cushion in the sole and heel.

Proper Sleep: Once you get to where you are going you want to get proper rest. For some folks this includes taking their pillow or a specific travel pillow along. You won’t miss a few less clothes in your suit case, but you will miss a good night’s sleep.

Enjoy that vacation.