As with all of us the early years are about growth and development. Eventually though we need to think about maintaining what we have in good working order. The natural flow of life is always working against us, but if we know what to do we can keep the aging process to a minimum.

Let’s start with diet. Fresh fruit and veggies are a must. Stay away from processed and fried food. Eat more chicken and fish than red meat. Minimize sugar and refined carbohydrates.

For the wear and tear on your joints keep your body in line with Chiropractic care and a daily low dose of Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

Healthy joints will allow you to participate in physical activities and exercise which is an anti-aging must. Keep that body moving and working. If you do not use it you will lose it. As you mature look for exercise programs that emphasize flexibility and cardiovascular work, not just building muscle mass.

The exercise along with a good diet will help with controlling your weight. Excess weight does damage to all body systems.

Get good sleep. Research shows for most adults, 7-8 hours is a minimum. A short 20-40 minute meditation or nap mid day is also beneficial. Again a good diet and exercise helps with getting good sleep.

Enjoy the outdoor sun. It’s necessary. But protect yourself from too much sun by applying sunscreen regularly when you are out. Better yet, cover up with the newly developed outdoor clothing that can keep you cool and has a built in sunscreen.

Follow these basic suggestions and you will be looking good in the years to come.