With the passage of the Healthcare recovery Act in 2009 and the recent passage of the 2010 Healthcare Reform Bill, we are seeing many changes in the medical health insurance arena.

Along with the changes there is a lot of confusion as well as frustration.

For many of you, the health insurance you have had for sometime is changing rapidly before your eyes. The changes may include:

  • Increased monthly premiums
  • Increased deductibles
  • Increased patient co-pays or co-insurance
  • Additional patient financial responsibility beyond your co-pay/co-insurance
  • Reduced insurance reimbursement for services rendered (in some cases as much as 50%)
  • Refusal by insurance to cover for services that were previously covered
  • Complete denial to pay anything

You name it, it’s happening.

For many of you these changes are compounded with the frustration of inaccurate information provided by your insurance companies relating to your benefits. We have even found insurance companies changing your benefits without telling you and in the middle of a treatment program and or in the middle of the year.

At this time, the only way we truly know what your insurance company is going to cover is after we receive payment from them and their explanation of benefits (EOB). The insurance company should also send a copy of the EOB to you the patient as well. Save these EOB’s. The EOB’s are the only way we can explain to you what is happening in your case.

Some patients have been able to go back to their insurance company and successfully demand further payment. But this has to be done by you. If you are not willing to fight for it they will not give it to you.

I and my staff will continue to do our best to clarify your benefits and seek proper reimbursement from your insurance company. Please understand that if we come to you for assistance in getting reimbursement, it is because we have done all we can do on your behalf and only you can force your insurance company to live up to their obligations.

In cases where your insurance policy has changed drastically, we will make you aware of it as soon as possible. We will make every effort to find an alternative means of making care available for you.

Thanks for your cooperation.