As spring nears so does the beach season which means it is time to get that body bathing suit ready. No matter what your other physical attributes are a flat stomach is in order.

The up side of a flat stomach is not just looking good in a bathing suit. It is also a reflection of a strong body core. When I talk about a strong body core I mean that area between your chest and your hips. Strong abdominal and spinal erector muscles keep the body core stable. As a chiropractor I stress with all my patients the value of a strong body core to maintain good spinal health. Chiropractic adjustments work wonders for the spinal problems but if your body core is not strong and stable, your overall results will be less and your symptoms will have a greater chance of returning.

Traditionally most people have used the standard sit up as a means to strengthen their abdominal muscles. Though traditional sit ups are of some value they are an incomplete exercise for the abdominal region. Furthermore they do little to strengthen your oblique or back muscles. A more effective means of exercising your core is through Yoga or Pilates. These programs exercise all the core muscle groups while incorporating good range of motion stretching. Since they do not require lifting of weights they minimize the chance of injury.

Finding a Yoga or Pilates instructor is not hard. Many health clubs offer classes as well as the YMCA and YWCA. Having an instructor is helpful but not necessary. You can purchase a DVD for home use as well.

Strengthen your core muscles for the upcoming beach season. Your spine will appreciate it and you will have a great looking flat stomach to show off.